Grout Cleaner

As I’ve traveled between LA and Cleveland over the past few months, I’ve noticed that the grout on my bathroom floor is getting dirty. I made this super easy grout cleaner to bring back its original color.

Holiday Bruschetta

  The holidays are my favorite time of the year! But, all of the cooking takes up so much time. Try making this Holiday Bruschetta – it makes the perfect appetizer.

Flatbread Pizza

Pizza always hits the spot any day of the week! Molly and Caity had a blast making their own pizzas! These flatbreads and quick and easy to make. Just buy a pizza crust in the refrigerated dough section, slice in half long-ways, and add the toppings of your choice. You can add as much or […]

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Heat Protectant Spray

I use a heat protectant on my hair year round to help prevent my hair getting dried out with split ends. This heat protectant is not only easy and inexpensive to make, but it also really works. Give it a try! 1 tsp Almond Oil 1 tsp melted Coconut oil 1 tsp lavender oil 1 […]

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Twine Vases

I found a few glass bottles in my Ohio childhood garage that I wanted to reuse and make something with. I decided I would try turning them into cute rustic vases. So I found some twine, pulled out my hot glue gun and got to crafting. Here’s how I did it. Twine Hot Glue gun […]

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Basil Pesto

One of the best things about my summer garden is basil. It grows so well and I am always looking for things to do with it. I harvested a bunch of it and decided to make some pesto. Pesto is one of my absolute favorite sauces and I love how versatile it is. I like […]

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Manicure Prep Scrub

This manicure scrub is the perfect prep to do to your nails and cuticles before you get a manicure. It gently exfoliates dry skin and nourishes the skin leaving your skin in prime condition for a beautiful manicure. 1 tbsp salt 1 tbsp sugar 1 tbsp of lemon juice Mix all ingredients together until it […]

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Shaving Cream

I wanted to try to make a homemade shaving cream with things that I had on hand. I like my shaving cream to be more like a liquid, just coating my skin to prevent cuts. I really like how this cream came out, it protects my legs and the oil keeps them soft afterwards. I […]

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Patriotic Wreath

Many of you know that 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. Growing up my dad made it into a huge celebration for the entire block, so I really look forward to it every year. I wanted to make a festive wreath for the holiday and thought to try a bandana wreath. I’m […]

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Super Clay Mask

One of my girlfriends is an esthetician and she makes a lot of her masks for her clients. She shared this recipe with me as it is one of her most requested masks and I fell in love with it. I asked if I could share it with you and she agreed. I hope you […]